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Interactive graphic, Brand identity & Design manuals

With our services, we ensure that your company will shine through online and communicate in the best way to your targeted audience.


Interactive brand identitet

An interactive visual identity is a simple, professional and trendy way to brand and differentiate your business even if your business is small..


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A design manual is an effective tool which ensures that the graphic rules are always respected when your brand needs to be made visible.


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Interactive graphic for web

Engage your customers or employees with interactive graphics created uniquely for your company? Interactive design is a good way to make complex messages visual and easy to understand.      

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Graphical work

If you or your company need help with other graphic or visual tasks, Visual Animation offers its visual expertise on an hourly basis.

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goelectric, elektriske køretøjer, bæredygtig grafik
Dogs - after, processed photo


GoElectric is a company that works with the distribution of environmentally friendly commercial vehicles. GoElectric therefore wanted an interactive and credible branding with the environment in focus.

zejlundvfx, adam zejlund jessen
Dogs - after, processed photo


Zejlundvfx is a sibling of Visual Animation and works focused with motion graphics. Zejlundvfx therefore wanted a minimalist branding with many options for interactive design.

Used by Green & Innovative companies across the country.

zejlundvfx, adam zejlund jessen goelectric, elektriske køretøjer, bæredygtig grafik digidi, musik distribution

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